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Welcome to Taylor Pressure Washing Inc. Commercial Services

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For over 20 Years Taylor Pressure Washing has offered guaranteed services to Businesses in the North Georgia Area. Our goal is to provide our customers with prompt dependable service at affordable prices. All work is performed by our well trained experienced Staff, we do not use subcontractors. Regular pressure washing services is a great way to keep your Business looking it’s best. You only get one chance to make that first Impression and we have the expertise to make you shine. This is especially important in the Food Service Industry.

Your Business can depend on Taylor Pressure Washing to have the right equipment, the right expertise and the right personnel to clean anything that we can wet.

    • Churches
    • Shopping Centers
    • Parking Decks
    • Apartment Buildings
    • Office Parks
    • Restaurants
    • Warehouses
    • Gas Stations
    • Hotel and Motels
    • Brick Cleaning
    • Shop Floors
    • Warehouse Floors
    • Tile Floors in Food Preparation Areas, Bakeries & Kitchens
    • Gum Removal
    • Graffiti Removal
    • Dumpster Pads
    • Drive Thurs
    • Side Walks and Walkways
    • Curbs
    • Stairwells
    • Loading Docks
    • Patios and Patio Furniture
    • Mold and Mildew Removal
    • Rust and Mud Stain Removal
    • Brick Pavers


Does your Dumpster Pad look like this?   Or This?


We Can Help
Dumpster Pads can be a dirty, smelly and unsanitary. Routine Pressure Washing Services can help keep even the dirtiest and smelliest areas stay clean and sanitary.

Dirty Drive Thru lanes can often be problem areas as well. This is another area that routine pressure washing can help. Gum, spilled drinks, dropped food and smashed condiment packs can all contribute to dirty drive thru lanes. Cars and Trucks leaking oil and other fluids can permanently stain the concrete. Routine pressure washing can prevent this from being a dirty eye-sore.          



This is the actual drive thru lane of one of our customers. This area gets cleaned every month as part of a Preventative Maintenance Program. Regular pressure washing can have many benefits. Dirt, Gum and oil stains want have time to soak in the concrete before our pressure washers can clean them up.


Oil stains can build up over time. Regular pressure washing can keep these from becoming a problem. 
This Warehouse was flooded in the floods of 2009. The flood waters were over 4 feet deep in this building. This left a muddy mess on everything. The property owners called on Taylor Pressure Washing to clean it up. It only took our company three days to clean over 300,000 square foot of warehouse floors and walls.




This Office Park was flooded also; the Building’s owners depended on Taylor Pressure Washing to clean up the mess. We were able to save the Building’s owner thousands of dollars in replacement cost.


From Warehouses and Parking Decks to Drive Thru and Dumpster Pads you can depend on Taylor Pressure Washing for prompt professional pressure washing services every time.






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