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Welcome to Taylor Pressure Washing Inc. Residential Services

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Taylor Pressure Washing has for over 20 years, provided homeowner’s in the Metro Atlanta Area with Professional pressure washing services at affordable prices. We are fully licensed and insured. We are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ Rating. All worked is performed by well trained Employees of our Company, we do not use subcontractors. All work is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction.          

We offer the following services to our Residential Customers:        
    • Houses including: Brick, Vinyl Siding, Stucco,                          Hardyboard, Wood Siding & any Painted Surface
    • Garages
    • Barns
    • Carports
    • Deck  Cleaning and Restoration
    • Wood and Vinyl Fencing
    • Patio Furniture
    • Lawn Equipment
    • And Much More


Results like theses are guaranteed every time.

When it comes to good BBQ everyone knows the secret is in the Sauce. When it comes to cleaning a House, the Soap is in the secret. At Taylor pressure Washing we make our own House wash soap that is very affective at removing dirt, mold, and mildew. Our soaps are completely Bio-Degradable and won’t kill the grass or shrubbery. Our cleaning process will leave your house clean without leaving your house with that dull, bleached-out look.






No matter how dirty or of what type building you need cleaned Call Us Today for a
Free Quote





            • Driveways        
            • Walkways
            • Sidewalks
            • Pool Decks
            • Garage Floors
            • Basement Floors
            • Patios
            • And Much More


We clean concrete without using Muriatic acid or any other Acid.  Acids don’t clean concrete they chemically eat away the top layer of your driveway. We use only hot water and non-acidic detergents to clean all concrete surfaces.




  We can Clean and Restore Wood Fences and Decks. We can stain or clear coat any wood surface. This service can beautify and protect the wood from water and the Sun’s damaging effects on your house, deck or fence.

We Also Offer The Following Services:


    • Driveway Sealing
    • Basement Floor Sealing
    • Garage Floor Sealing and Painting
    • Clean Out Gutters
    • On-Site RV Washing                         
    • On-Site RV Detailing
    • On-Site RV Roof Cleaning
    • UV Treat RV Roofs 



At Taylor Pressure Washing we are more than just a guy with a pressure washer, we are a Professional Pressure Washing Company!

“No Job to Big or to Small”


Things every Homeowner needs to know about the Company who washes their House.

    • Ask to see copy of current Business Licenses 
    • Ask to see Certificate of Insurance. They should be able to provide certificate of General Liability, Workers Compensation, 
       and Auto Insurance for every Person and Vehicle that will be allowed on your property.
    • Find out what type of chemicals will be used to clean your house. Pure bleach is not  the proper choice of cleaning 
       chemicals. Bleach will kill the grass, flowers and shrubbery.  Some companies use Muriatic Acid to clean concrete, this only
       chemically sands the top layer, there better ways to clean concrete.
    • Always check with the Better Business Bureau before hiring anyone. Don’t rely on fake Internet referrals, anyone could 
       have written these.
    • Ask the company you hired, who will actually do the work or if the rely on subcontractors to do their work. 
    • Be careful of any ads that say “we will wash any house for $99.00”. Not all houses are the same and price will vary 
       depending size, height and what type siding is on your house. Someone from the company should come out and look at 
       your house and then give you a free quote based on your individual house.
    • If the company you hired arrives 2 hours late and unloads a Home Depot pressure washer, from the trunk of his car, you 
       probably hired the wrong pressure washing company. 
    • For Guaranteed Services from a Professional Company Call Taylor Pressure Washing.

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